Personal Transformation

Society teaches us to keep things bottled up. Meanwhile, we continue to struggle. It can take a lot of courage to decide to see a counsellor and talk about things that can be uncomfortable, exposing and difficult. That is why I have the utmost respect for everyone that I am honored to support.

Transformation instead of temporary change.
You deserve more than band aids.

People don’t just want to get through challenges; they want to get beyond them once and for all. The support you will receive is based on a clear and achievable personalized plan for individuals, couples or families.

Services include the following areas:

Mental Health

  • Anxiety (general, panic, overwhelming pressure)
  • Depression (general, feeling overwhelmed, low motivation)
  • Grief & Loss (death, major life transition, health challenges)


  • Individual Support (stress/anger management, loneliness, self-doubt, life coaching)
  • Relationship/Marriage (regaining intimacy, improving communication)
  • Family Issues (blended family, parenting, cultural issues, in-law stress)
  • LGBTQ 2S Support (identity, orientation, personal strength)

We will work together to help you find freedom and peace of mind