I have a dream

I have a dream

“I can’t”…”It’s not possible”…”That would never happen”…”Things will never change”

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we surrender NOW to what has yet to be determined in the FUTURE? I find that we too often decide that we are stuck and must thus live with a certain burden. Looking at the history of our species, we are defined not by what limits us, but by what we dared to allow us to soar. At some point, we ceased to look at birds and say:”I wish I could fly”. We, instead, decided to ask ourselves;” How can I make that happen?”. We removed limits and just tried for what we refused to view as impossible.

By virtue of our nature and by recognition of how fragile we are, fear easily becomes a factor. That being said, the people who scored victories for humanity all had to face their fears and still went ahead, because the potential benefit greatly outweighed the fear. We can look at the child that spoke out against bullying, the man who spoke out against violence against women, the woman that spoke up for education for women, the masses that spoke out against oppression of others, the movements that spoke out for the rights of nature, the voices that refused to be silent in the presence of risk of being silenced.

We can rise when we choose to.

Limits are an illusion created by the fear within us.

We would truly benefit from giving our spirit a chance to show us how strong it truly is. That can only come from daring to do or say instead of settling for silence and in-action.

When we dare to dream, we are telling fear that it will not have a hold over us.

We are telling life that it will not simply happen to us.

We are telling ourselves that boundaries and limits will not be a factor.

We are choosing to live!

What choice will you make today?

Wishing you strength, courage and dreams,

Your “Mad Shrink”