If it wasn’t too late…

If it wasn’t too late…

There are people this very moment who wish they had another chance, another minute, another week, another year. Instead, time is up. Some cycle has run its course: a relationship is ending, a life is expiring, a situation is for ever changing.

I think that we can all relate to what it is like to wish that we had more time at some point. I have sadly had to bury too many good people with whom I wish I could have spent more time. I have been in situations during which I prayed for a “do-over”. Alas, time waits for nobody.

As that is a fact of all life at all times, then the pivotal question is:”What will I do NOW that I may regret not doing if it were too late?

I know for sure that many of us take moments for granted. Our life, as we know it, will find its end at some point. We will say good-bye to loved ones, to our favorite stuff ‘n’ things and somehow, we may look back and wish that we could have, should have while recognizing that we didn’t.

Spare yourself regret. Spare yourself longing for more.

Live to your fullest today and give all that you can, because you can choose to do so. Love with reckless abandon and mindfulness so that those who mean a lot to you simply know TODAY.

If I imagined getting a phone call from someone telling me that something tragic had happened to someone I love and that there was “nothing more they could do”, my heart would ache in a way that may bring me to my knees. I’ve been there before and know that pain. I recall having wished that we could have done certain things that we never did. I wish him and I would have laughed more, talked more and shared more. Alas, time ran out on me taking time for granted.

Take charge of your life - Geoff J. Ayi-Bonte

Inspire yourself to live fully right now!

So I have learned gratitude for what has been, determination of making moment matter for what is now, and appreciation for what can still be as I will devote my time and energy to giving…fully and freely.

I will live my life in a manner that will ensure that it will never be too late…

How will you honor each breath within you and those dear to you???

As always,
blessings to you from your “Mad Shrink” (Geoff)