A woman’s voice

A woman’s voice

A lot of my clients are female. They have various cultural backgrounds, religious/spiritual beliefs, they come from different generations with different ideas, thoughts, worries, fears, dreams, desires, pain, success stories and more. What I have confirmed more and more every day is how vitally important a woman’s voice is. I hear about their struggles, sometimes, because nobody else cared to listen. Sometimes, they have a difficult time even speaking, because men have “taught” them to be quiet. It hurts me. Honestly, it does.

I know what it is like to be around women who have been affected by having their voice silenced. Their pain becomes the pain of all those who love them and those who depend on their love. The damage is not often seen directly. Not because it is skillfully hidden, but because we often do not care enough to look. Do we somehow think that mistreating someone will bring out the best in them? I am not without areas of growth and I hope to teach my son the value of everyone’s voice!

Voices have changed the world. When we speak up, we transform negativity into growth and progress. When we speak up, we encourage understanding instead of fear. When I think about most injustice in our day, I know with certainty that women take the brunt of it. To be a disenfranchised person is tough. To be a disenfranchised woman is tougher.

I hope that we all pay more attention to this. Let us raise our daughters to hold their heads up high, with pride and strength, so that they know their value despite and because of all the injustice they will face. Tradition that lessens anyone’s value is a tradition in need of evolving. If you are a woman who has lost her voice, know that there are people out there who miss your songs, your laughter, your jokes, your stories, you…

A woman’s voice matters.